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My Combi Boiler which supply both heat and hot water went out about 10:30 pm, Feb 7, 2024. Opened a Svc Order around 12 am on Feb 8, 2024 requesting a Sears Tech.

After 5 days they still couldn't assign one. It took 5 days for someone to realize that the main disp ctr didn't show me having HVAC Warranty. Additionally 24 hrs to update in their system, and to find out the nearest Sears Tech was over 1,000 miles away. Now day now day 6, assigned to HVAC company that caused a flood in 5 areas up covering my entire foot.

I've never used profanity or raised my voice, but a Supvervisor who didn't want to help name Ann hung up on me after being on the phone for 1 hr. Now 9 days still no heat or hot water and.being forced to used vendors that try to extort money from you when they arrive at your home unbeknown to Cinch to pay them outside of your Cinch contract. Now assigned to another vendor attempting to do the same and being forced by Cinch to use them.simply because they won't reassign unless their Authorization Dept noted not to unless they have their approval. I now have to wait until the next business day, no supv or that dept open on the weekend.

Cinch is horrible and so is the vendors they contract.

Where they get them from, I can't imagine. Don't walk away from this business RUN, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

User's recommendation: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get a CInch HVAC Warranty unless your personal vendor contracts through them.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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