Around July 20, 2023. I confirmed an appt with VTECH to have my clothes dryer repaired.

Tech came a fee days later. He diagnoised a belt for the drum and I believe a heat sensor or something related to heating. I recieved a call to take picture of dryer model and serial #s. did that immediately.


well i believe its about a month now since the process began, Ive called VTECH . They say they are moving and noone manning the mail room. They lie and say they gonna send someone to the mailroom. Michelle at VTECH disconnected me while on hold.

When I called right back she was conveniently not available . She should have called me back because the disconnect was on her end, thats the way you treat paying customers , I pay a mthly fee for services, I also spoke with a person named Belle. She didnt help,Noone in theses CUSTOMER SERVICE JOBS give a flip. On today On today Aug 28 I spoke with Case Manger; Rachel, all she did was tell me.

One pkg in VTECH mailroom the other at fedex on hold, I NEED HELP FROM SOMEONE.

I signed up with this company because i thought it maintained the CUSTOMER CARE as SEARs apparently not... Well, thx

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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